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One For Our Baby

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Fall, 1960

Joe Buonomo became a hero as a navy pilot in WWII. But he didn’t make it home for the parades when the fighting ended, losing his way—and a good chunk of his soul—in the dark corners of civil war-torn China.

Years later, he’s on the rebound, running an air cargo outfit in Southern California and hanging out with famous crooner Frank Sinatra for kicks. When Joe agrees on the phone to fly Franks’ new girlfriend from Palm Springs to Los Angeles for a screen test, he has no idea that she’s his own ex-fiancée Helen, or that she’s stirred up the granddaddy of all hornet’s nests.

When she goes missing the next day, all hell breaks loose in the City of the Angels. At Sinatra’s frantic behest, Joe sets out in search of Helen in an odyssey that will take him from L.A. to Las Vegas, Catalina Island, and finally, the barren Mexican Frontera. Along the way he battles old enemies, corrupt cops, the mob, and some far darker powers, the forces ever converging until they collide in an explosive showdown in which Joe must risk everything he has left to save Sinatra’s—and his—girl.

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